Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi, Episode V

Final Shots

Responsible for this entire set include Unreal Engine world-building. Final lighting polish By Dan Contreras

Final Shots

Final Shots. My Bacta Tank was cut for a practical one.

Final Shots. Modeled and textured most of the modular hardsurface assets, including T47s and Transport Ships

Final shots. Power cables were done using spline-to-mesh in Unreal Engine.

Blessed to have modeled and designed most of the hardsurface assets. Credit to Cameron Schultz for the Transport Ship lowpoly and UV help.

I was blessed to work on the Star Wars: Obi Wan Kanobi TV Series, as part of the Virtual Art Department Team at Happy Mushroom in conjunction with ILM and Lucas Film. A dream come true and a major career milestone, with industry leading talent who helped me level up my skills as a 3D Hard-surface Artist. TV/Film was an amazing, bleeding edge, chaos of excitement and I am grateful to everyone who supported me in being able to achieve my dreams. Exhaustingly, too many to mention specifically! I will be making specific call-outs as to my bits below the images or videos and specific thanks; however, the full team credit list will be the last image, as credit where credit is due. I by no means did not, nor imply, sole creative effort in anything presented. All final work is IP of Happy Mushroom, Industrial Light and Magic, Lucas Film, Star Wars, and Disney.

However, my King and Savior: Lord Jesus Christ, my family and friends (both work/home), Valerie and Robert Mastriano Sr... you succeeded, Monica & Grace Watson I love you!, Madeline and Ian Mastriano...Im proud of you and honored to be your brother!, Chorelle and Juan and James future family, the entire 3DFT Discord Group...keep killin it!, my Church family at Gateway!, the Okinawa Crew and Calvary Chapel hommies, all my Military Vets and GOWT Trap Lordz, Isaac Oster, Dennis Porter, Christian Gallego, and Othon Tajeda!,
and everyone else that gave a kind word or advice or mentorship! The team behind the team.