Personal work and projects I have done at home during my weekends and spare time.  The 2019 year was rough for me, as I had lost my grandfather to cancer December of 2019.  

Please keep in mind these are ALL works in progress.  My big goal for the 2019-2021 year was to teach myself how to use blender to a level with which I could apply during my time as a production artist.  I was successful and now use it as my main modeling software.  Jerry Perkins (aka MasterXeon101)  was a big help during my baby stages with box cutter.  Texans united, or more probable, Jerry is just a great guy.    

Special thanks to friends and family that stood by me and severed as my support when I could not!  I am just a simple man, vessel, and servant.  Without the good Lord and fine men and woman, I would be lost and helpless.  Thank you all, and god bless!!!